Sayuri Akira, the ocean siren looking for her long lost love…

Sayuri comes with all of the clothes, skin, and custom content displayed in the pictures. Big THANKS to all of various content creators for their amazing fashions, hair, and accessories. Enjoy!

  • Feel free to use my Sim in your game
  • If you post my creations on your website, put a link-back to my blog.
  • Do Not Upload as your Own
  • Do Not Upload to any Paysites
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Download Sayuri  Here

5 thoughts on “SAYURI AKIRA (Updated)

    1. I have updated Sayuri and you should now see the hair and the custom tail. Unfortunately when I used the tray importer it kept removing some of her content. But she should have everything now. Remember I also have all the packs too. So she is wearing some MAxi Seasons clothes


  1. Everything perfect except when in the mermaid form the only thing missing is the blue eye shadow color? Anything I’m missing from that?


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